cihan koseoglu

all things data, privacy, measurement and code. also a musician.

Hello, this is Cihan

BSc. Computer Engineering, MSc. International Management @Koc University, MIB @University of South Carolina

I'm based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sr. Data and Measurement Lead @ Google. Previous experience: Co-founded PeopleApps, worked at CloudOne, Homicity and Zeplin.

I lead privacy centric measurement and data at Google for the Turkish market. Currently also serving as Global Product Lead for Google Analytics 4.

I've been playing electric guitar since I was 12. I've also been singing for the past couple years. My biggest hobby is collecting/reading about guitar pedals, instruments.

You can check my music out under Cihan Koseoglu, Insuline, Gezemedim Evreni and Dinar Bandosu.

Feel free to reach me, let's have a cup of coffee.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan